Ted – Socrates’ Dog

Socrates left no philosophical writings himself, but luckily, he had a dog called TED who faithfully learnt and interpreted his sayings. Through TED and his canine friends, and with reference to famous philosophers, readers learn how dogs interpret the world.

In the book, the canine characters reveal why they obey humans, what their view on freedom is, what they think about cats, what makes them happy and what makes them suffer. With humour and doggy wisdom, along with some help from philosophers such as Plato, Nietzsche, Schopenhauer and Diogenes, TED and his friends reflect on friendship, love and life.


A book for everyone

This book is incredibly easy to read and yet made me think about myself and people in general, how we behave and how it affects so much life around us. I ended up reading it in bursts as I found there was a lot to take in. All in all, an interesting perspective to have on your bookshelf and discuss.


… like a poem but filled with a lot of philosophical anecdotes.

Ted – Socrates’ Dog, is a very unusual kind of book which I have the opportunity to read. It is beautifully illustrated, succinct and witty and enjoyable to read. It is like a poem but filled with a lot of philosophical anecdotes. It is very refreshing to see how the dreary subject of philosophy can be interpreted and presented in an interesting way through the world of our canine friends. I hope dog lovers, philosophers, and others devour this little book.

Berhanu Tesfaye

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